• Malpas Tractors asked us to fit them a Fassi crane and remote hydraulic winch. They also asked us to make and fit a folding hydraulic ramp.

    Commercial Vehicle / LGV MOT, Axle & Chassis Conversions – Sandbach, Cheshire

Axle, Chassis & Body Conversions

At Truck Services Sandbach we have been engineering chassis full time for over 30 years. Over the last few years rules and regulations of converting trucks have become much stricter but with the support of Granning we are still able to accommodate most conversions. We can take care of all your paper work needs.

Granning Axle and Suspension Solutions

Altering trucks and trailers to customer’s requirements by:-


  • Chassis and wheelbase extending or shortening
  • Converting tractor units in to rigid trucks
  • Fitting additional tag, midlift and steer Axles
  • Converting from single to double drive axles
  • Converting from steel or rubber to air suspension
  • Fitting new and used drum or disc axles
  • 5th wheel changing and reposition
  • Retro fitting EBS ABS and ECAS
  • Converting a rigid to drawbar specification
  • Down and up rating axle weights
  • IVA tests
  • Notifiable alterations


  • Trailer chassis and wheelbase extending or shortening
  • Fitting new and used axles
  • Converting a Semi trailer to a draw bar trailer
  • Fitting new or repositioning 5th wheel pins and plates
  • Retro fitting EBS or ABS.
  • Fitting colas valves for Raise and lower suspension
  • Converting existing and new axles to lift


  • Bodies made to customer specifications
  • Swapping used bodies
  • Body alterations and repairs
  • PTO’s Hydraulic kits repaired and fitted
  • Chassis mounted cranes fitted and sub frames built to specifictions
  • Beaver tailing and Hydraulic ramps
  • Tail lifts and Moffett bracket can all be fitted

Chassis and cab painting can be arranged