• Malpas Tractors asked us to fit them a Fassi crane and remote hydraulic winch. They also asked us to make and fit a folding hydraulic ramp.
  • Malpas Tractors also requested the Mercedes to have a draw bar coupling and wanted us to lower their steel suspension to make loading and unloading easier. We also fitted Light bars and a sun visor then this vehicle was painted.
  • We removed the snow plough equipment and made a strong beaver tail body which needed to be able to retrieve tractor equipment from muddy fields and to take them back to their workshop.

Mercedes 6×6, Remove Snow Plough, Convert into a Beaver Tail body

Malpas Tractors asked us to remove their equipment off a Mercedes 6×6 snow plough. They also asked us to extend the chassis and lower the steel suspension. Then we built them a Beaver tail body with hydraulic winch, Fassi crane and hydraulic ramps. We made it to draw bar specification and finished it off with light bars and spot lights.

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